Bingo tickets can be purchased each week at these locations:

Mom’s Variety
120 St George St

Dundas Variety
22 Dundas St E.

Total Convenience
63 Brant Ave

Happy Days Mini Mart
80 Tollgate

Lucky Variety
241 Dunsdon

Brantwood Variety
26 Brantwood

A & J Variety
324 Rawdon St

Happy Variety
183 Colborne ST W

Stan’s Confectionary
48 Lida St

Telly’s Variety & Video
775 Colborne St E

125 Stanley

Vic’s Variety
215 Grand River Ave

Farmers Dell
117 King George Rd

130 Cedar St (G)

Little Short Stop
130 Cedar St N

J & B Variety
139 Glenmorris St (G)

Cheezy Variety
132 Grand Ave S (G)

Giant Tiger #65
120 Main St

Mr Convenience Too
55 Beverly St

Hillcrest Store
Upper Main St

Daisy Mart
21 McKay St

Little Short Stop
250 Dundas St S

Hasty Mart
685 Myers Rd

Elgin Mini Mart
79 Elgin St N

Little Short Stop
175 Beverly St

Cambridge Convenience
215 Beverly St

Sunrise Convenience
383 Elgin St N

Mac’s Milk (Di Pietro Mall)
30 Glamis Rd

Smoke Plus Variety
Hespeler & Dundas

Green Life
1453 King tT E

King Variety
720 King St E

Little Short Stop
4040 Preston Pkwy

Eagle Convenience
1390 Eagle St

Little Short Stop
350 Hespeler Rd

Lottery Emporium
Cambridge Mall

Smoke Shop
561 Hespeler Rd

Little Short Stop
95 Saginaw Pkwy

Little Short Stop
825 Saginaw Pkwy

Little Short Stop
900 Jamieson Pkwy

Pet Value
180 Holiday Inn Dr

Petro King
139 Queen St

Saint Luke’s Place
1624 Franklin Blvd

Little Short Stop
7 Norfolk Ave

Little Short Stop
209 Pinebush Rd

Little Short Stop
200 Preston Pkwy

Little Short Stop
301 Water St S

Little Short Stop
494 York Rd

Fillstore Convenience
218 Victoria

York Convenience
220 York Rd

Hasty Market
59 Stevenson

One Stop Convenience
140 Hadati

Sun’s Convenience
262 Eramosa

Speedvale Variety
197 Speedvale Road E

CNIB Lottery Kiosk

Mr Variety
20 Woodlawn & Woolwich

Little Short Stop
666 Woolwich St

Willow Convenience
40 Willow Rd

Little Short Stop
61 Willow Rd

Little Short Stop
113 Silvercreek Pkwy N

Willow Smoke & Cigar
130 Silvercreek Pkwy

Hasty Mart
196 Waterloo Ave

Little Short Stop
90 Gordon St

Super 7 Mini Mart
570 Kortright Rd W

Grange Convenience
23 Victoria St N

Victoria Variety
483 Speedvale Ave E

Central Fresh Market
760 King St W

Sam’s Variety
228 Margaret St

L & L Market
101 Lancaster St W

Forwell Variety
355 Lancaster St W

Most Convenient
569 Lancaster St W

Gaby’s Convenience
1405 Ottawa St N

Farah Foods
210 Lorraine Ave

Heritage Pharmacy
200 Lorraine Ave

Little Short Stop
501 Krug St

Ted Smokes
Stanley Park Mall

Big Bear
1401 River Rd E

Little Short Stop
3014 King St E

Sunny’s Convenience
2934 Weber St

Weber Convenience
1500 Weber St

Little Short Stop
2399 Kingsway Dr

International News
Fairview Park Mall (Back)

Hasty Mart
3101 Kingsway Dr

Courtland Pharmasave
1144 Courtland Ave E

Hasty Mart
517 Victoria St

Little Short Stop
1450 Blockline Rd

JJ Convenience
296 Highland Rd E

Little Short Stop
556 Stirling Ave

Big Bear
159 Highland Rd E

Highland Rd & Belmont

Top Convenience
370 Highland Rd W

Hasty Market
517 Victoria St S

Hasty Mart
11 Westwood Dr

Stop & Shop
3 101 Hazelglen Dr

Little Z
725 Ottawa St S

Strasburg Convenience
700 Strasburg Rd

1187 Fischer-Hallman Rd

Millenium Variety
700 Westmount Rd E

Little Short Stop
645 Westmount Rd E

Daisy Mart
1241 Ottawa St S

Hasty Market
103 Ontario St

Little Short Stop
1060 Huron Road

Stop To Shop
491 Highland Road W

Bill’s Variety
270 Bleams Rd

Stratford/St. Marys
Stratford Variety
542 Downie St

Joe’s Variety
760 Ontario St

Tavistock Gas & Variety
199 Woodstock, Tavistock

Circle K – 190 Queen St E

Quick Trip
347 Erb St W

Westmount Place Pharmacy
50 Westmount Rd N

7 Day Mini Mart
465 Philips St

640 Parkside Dr

Wagner’s Corner Store
885 King St N

Union Mini Mart
121 Union St E

Kitchen Food Fair Inc.
450 Columbia St W

94 Bridgeport Rd E

Big Bear Foodmart
585 Weber St N

Little Short Stop
373 Bridge St W

Little Short Stop
55 Northfield Dr E

Daisy Mart
500 Glen Forrest Blvd.

Forwell Super Variety
3015 Lobsinger Line, Heidelberg

Sobeys Columbia
450 Columbia Street W.

Little Short Stop
242 King Street N.

New Hamburg/Ayr/Baden
Home Hardware
59 Peel St, New Hamburg

Little Short Stop
112 Peel St, New Hamburg

Little Short Stop
24 Northumberland St, Ayr

Mars Convenience
118 Snyder’s Rd E, Baden